Too often “values” are just a list of ideas we like. They have no rootedness in our everyday lives and end up being nice aspirations that never come to bear in our lives. Our actual values are revealed by what we do. Practices root us in our everyday relationships and responsibilities in Christ. Covenant Collective churches will be defined by 6 core practices that form us as a community of disciples of Jesus.


1) Celebrating

We believe that throughout all the ups and downs of living in New York, the Holy Spirit marks us with joy. We long to add a flavor of joy to the neighborhoods we live in by throwing the best parties, celebrating the lives of our neighbors, and celebrating all that God is doing in and through us.

2) Listening

In a transient and fast paced culture, the practice of presence is crucial. We long to practice being fully present to our neighborhood, present to each other, and present to our neighbors as we listen to what’s happening below the surface.

3) Welcoming

We believe Jesus left his family, to create family, for people that do not have family. We open up our lives and our apartments to those from our community and to those who do not yet belong. Hospitality was central to the way of Jesus and is a central practice in our communities.

4) Proclaiming

In a post Christian world we believe the practice of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus is an important and formational practice not only for others, but for ourselves.

5) Praying

We believe the most effective way to join God in the renewal of NYC is through intercessory prayer. The prayer Jesus gave to us is, in part, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done; on Earth as it is in Heaven’. As a church family, we are committed to praying for spiritual renewal and spiritual awakening in our neighborhood and within New York City.

6) Sending

In our churches we do not measure our success based on how many people we gather in, but how many people we send out. Our aim is to release people and their resources to go where they sense God is leading them. Whether that means into their place of work, to begin a new church, or to a different global city, we bless and celebrate people, sending them to join Christ in obedience.