Sunday services give us the chance to gather with one another to remind ourselves of who we are and whose we are within the narrative of the gospel.

We live within a culture that often attempts to define who we are by what we do, what we have, and what others may think of us.  Through 65 minutes of worshipful musicbiblical teaching, sharing stories of hope, laughing with one another, and reminding each other about Jesus' love for us, our neighborhoods and city, we are able to move back into our week, strongly rooted in who God is, who we are, and God's calling upon our lives in New York City.

Sundays | 11:30am | 543 Main Street | Chapel of the Good Shepherd

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where should my children go?

As you enter into the chapel or Main Street Theater, we have a kids/tots check-in table led by one of our Hope volunteers. Please bring your child there to sign them in.

Hope Tots:

Our tots program is for toddler to pre-kindergarten children and runs the length of the service. Once Tots are registered, parents can drop them off down stairs before the service begins.

Hope Kids:

Our kids program is for kindergarten through 5th grade children. These children will join their parents for the first 10-15 minutes of our service and will then be dismissed.  Kids will be led downstairs by our Hope Kids leaders.


2) What should I do during the offering time?

Every gathering we have time for people to consider giving to Hope Church. If you are new here, please do not feel obligated to give anything. Giving is for those who have committed to our church and feel led to support the mission and values that we stand for. (This includes our value of giving away 10% of everything we bring in to local and global partners that are doing good and planting new churches around the city.) The rest of the offering goes toward staff salaries, the work we do with roosevelt Island center of mission, and other costs associated with running a church service such as rent and supplies.  

For those who call Hope church their home, we challenge our people to give sacrificially, tithing 10 percent of our incoming finances back into the local church to ensure we are setting the pace for generosity in our generation.


3) What should I do during Communion?

Communion is a time for us as a community to remember what Christ has done for us on the cross. We do this by having people come forward to receive bread and wine (grape juice) which reflects Christ's last supper with his disciples before his death and resurrection. If you are a visitor coming to church for the first time, please don't feel obligated to join in this. The teaching pastors will give clear direction as to how to take it and who should take it each and every time.