A Culture of Family

“Jesus left His family to create a new family for those who don't have family.” We believe Jesus isn't solely asking us to enter a new belief system, but a new family. In a transient NYC culture, Hope church fights to maintain a culture of authentic family that ultimately benefits Roosevelt Island as a whole.

A Culture of Diversity

Because God gave each of us a different story to live, we find beauty in our diversity, whether cultural, ethnic, gender, or socioeconomic. By embracing our common humanity and brokenness we find that our differences instead of dividing, only strengthen the vibrancy of our communities' credibility to Roosevelt Island.

A Culture of renewal

We hold a strong conviction that the creator God is at work to heal and remake the whole world. Our own lives are part of God's renewal process, as He invites us into the work of making all things new. We do this by pursuing justice for people, engaging in industry renewal, and being committed to Kingdom prayer. 

A Culture of vulnerability

We believe you were created to be loved, and in response called to love others. Yet to be loved unconditionally, we must be fully known. Living with a level of vulnerability allows this to happen in a way that strengthens community and advances the love of God.

A Culture of generosity

Many people come to NYC with the ambitious agenda of gaining individual wealth. Instead, we long to be a counter-cultural community that is marked by radical generosity in everything we do. Using all of our different resources, we want to reflect this value in all of our relationships, especially with the under-resourced.

A culture of Celebration

We want to celebrate life as often and as loudly as possible. We love that Jesus was the king of dinner parties, and we want to be a community that is known for the joy that we contribute to Roosevelt Island and the world.

A culture of Mission

Jesus is moving all over NYC, which means we as followers should be moving as well. We want to plant other churches around NYC wherever we can make an impact locally, and where relationships can be nurtured into authentic growing communities.