Hope Covenant Church is a culturally diverse Christian church living the way of Jesus for the nations of New York. We believe that Jesus Christ left His family to create family for those that don’t have family. It is within this context that Hope Covenant Church exists to be a church family who seeks the well being of the city and the neighborhood.



In 2013 Dan and Amanda Sadlier moved their family from Detroit Michigan to NYC with the intent of starting a church that would exist for the sake of others. After years of doing ministry in the suburbs of Michigan and then the inner city of Detroit, they sensed that God wanted them to start a new church devoted to connecting with those from different contexts, cultures, and creeds, moving people toward the love of Christ and the way of Jesus in New York. Years later, Roosevelt Island has grown in population, and Hope, the first evangelical church in the history of Roosevelt Island, has grown

as well. After 4 years, Hope Covenant Church is now deeply embedded within the neighborhood of Roosevelt Island; a strategic neighborhood composed of those who have lived in New York their entire lives, UN diplomats and their families from every corner of the globe, and the new Cornell Tech Campus. In addition those from across the city are starting to find their way to an island and a church community that gives a much needed rest and refocus in the city that never stops. We hope to see you soon!