What We Believe


Theological Paradigms


1) God is Always Present & at Work.

God is active and so we do not beckon him to come down from a distance, we instead learn to wake up to God's presence in and around us.

2) God is like Jesus

When we have questions about God and God's character we look to Jesus. He is the exact representation of God and we look to Him to understand the way of God.

3) God Meets us in Reality

God does not meet us where we should be or where we think we could be, but where we truly are. This means that self awareness, honesty, and repentance are instrumental in our experience of God's love.


4) What God wants to do through you, God does in you.

What God will do through us, he wants to first do in us. Our spiritual being precedes our spiritual doing. 

5) The Goal of Spiritual Formation is Divine Union

This means that our aim is not increased morality or a ticket to heaven, the goal of our spiritual formation is intimacy with the one who loves us and pursues us, all else flows from this.

6) We experience the love of God through embodied participation

We don’t place our faith in a faith, we place our faith in a person. This means that small acts of trust and surrender not only show a growing faith in Jesus, but also becomes the vehicle in which we experience God’s presence in an increasing way.