May 5th | New Pastor Installed at Hope Covenant

On May 5th, Amanda Sadlier will be formally installed by our denomination as pastor of Hope Covenant Church. We (the Evangelical Covenant Church, The Hope advisory team, the members at Hope, and our family) have long sensed that the Lord has been preparing Amanda for a greater level of leadership. On the 5th, she will be commissioned and consecrated before our community to do just this. 

For those of you who know my story, you know that much of my ministry has been tied to trying to figure out how to empower minorities and women. In many seasons I have done this well and in others I have failed miserably. Yet this has been one of my priorities, especially over the last 5 years pastoring at Hope Roosevelt Island. 

In the fall of 2018, our church partners (members) and leadership team gave me the green light to begin the process of starting a new church in Queens. They also affirmed that a new lead pastor would need to be installed on Roosevelt Island to provide leadership and care for this community that I love so deeply. In this coming season, I will re-direct much of my time towards this new effort in Queens with the same priority: To empower those on the margins, and to give away leadership and influence to women and minorities who are growing in their intimacy with Christ. I believe this was central to the leadership of Jesus and must be central to my leadership (someone in majority culture who is trying to live out the way of Jesus in a city like New York). Though I will still be highly connected to Hope Covenant as my home base and to Roosevelt Island as the neighborhood my family lives in, my role at Hope Covenant Church will shift as I become "founding pastor" of Hope Covenant, focusing my time at Roosevelt Island on preaching and helping lead our Roosevelt Island pastors. My primary role will now become Lead Church planter in Queens. Our two churches will function as one church family gathering in two different neighborhoods.

Let me be clear, this is not some divide and conquer strategy where our family remains in control of pastoral leadership. Myself and thousands of others have been able to watch Amanda lead for years. Her teaching, preaching, and deep understanding of organizational structures, systems, and dynamics is some of the strongest I’ve ever seen. Her understanding and experience with children’s ministry, leadership development, and pastoral ministry is a gift mix that is rare, but one she possesses. In addition, Amanda has felt strongly called by God to dig roots down deep into Roosevelt Island as she continues to serve the community as best she can. We believe that she will thrive in this role, and we invite you to celebrate with us on May 5th. 

The Hope community and the Roosevelt Island neighborhood are family to us. The past five years has been a wild ride, and one I could not imagine without such an incredible church community and neighborhood. We are so excited to journey into the next five with all of you.

This day is not only significant for Amanda and our family, this day is significant in the western Church that is still in desperate need of women, like Amanda, who have been formed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, who know the way of Jesus, who have been anointed with the gift of leadership, and who have been encouraged to lead at the most mission critical levels of the church.

Here is to a new season of following Christ among the nations of New York!

Dan Sadlier