At the end of the day we believe God has equipped us to orient our resources (time, energy, skill set, and finances) around a few specific areas. 


1. Neighborhood

In a transient and individualistic culture our presence matters. We long to be deeply embedded in our neighborhoods, investing heavily in the area God has placed us now, not where we may be in five years. Our churches exist for their local neighborhood.

3. Next Generation

Our Churches are only as strong as the next generation. Jesus continually showed us the immense value and belief he placed on youth. For this reason kids and students are a focus for much of what we do and why we do it.


2. Nations

The great commandment is our aim (Matthew 22:36-40), the great commission is our overflow (Matthew 28:16-20). Therefore, as much as we value presence in our neighborhood, we also take our command to “go to the nations” seriously. For this reason we both partner with and learn from ministries and churches from other countries around the world.

4. New Family

We believe Jesus left His family, to create family, for those who do not have family. For this reason we are always asking, “God where would you have us start a new church family”. We are convinced that New York does not need another spiritual institution, but longs for new families.