We hold a strong conviction that it is impossible to separate our spirituality from our generosity. Yet far too many people attempting to follow the way of Christ do this. 

Myself, and our leadership at Hope Roosevelt Island truly believe that this season is one to focus in on and to pray for a greater level of generosity in our community that is strongly tied to our faith in God's provision. For this reason our community is entering into a season where we are asking you to join us in a consistent act of generosity called "The 3 month challenge"

During these three months we are asking you to consider tithing 10% of your income to God and his local church. If you are already doing this, you likely know the blessing that comes with being dependent on God with your finances. However, if you have never tithed before, this is the chance for you to join us in faith in the work that God is doing throughout New York, and the work He wants to do within you.

If after 3 months you have not experienced a different level of intimacy or freedom, and want to re-adjust your finances, appropriately go ahead. But, we strongly believe this will be a catalytic step into a new level of intimacy with God, and a greater degree of joining him in His mission of renewal and redemption. 

Thank you for joining us,
Dan Sadlier



Giving Options


Give In Church

During our Sunday worship gatherings we invite people in our community to make a financial gift. There are envelopes available for those would would like to give tax exempt cash gifts.

Mail a Gift

You may also send a donation in the mail. Please make checks payable to Hope RICC and address them to Hope RICC, 40 River Road #14L, New York, NY 10044.

All gifts are tax deductible.